Please contact us via e-mail or call to check the availability of space and to make a reservation for your pet.

The arrival day counts as a full charge.

On departure day, if picked up prior to 10:00 am there is no charge for the day.

If picked up by 2:00 pm you will only be charged for a half day.

Contact Us

Countryside Pet Retreat
Office: 573-642-8561
Cell: 573-310-9200
Fax: 1-888-607-8214


If your plans change and you must cancel your reservation, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible.


When designing our building, safety was foremost in our minds. Here is a list of some of the features we have implemented to ensure the safety of your pet while they are in our care.

The individual runs are FRP Sani-Kennels produced by Mason Company. This company has been designing and manufacturing quality animal enclosures since 1892. There are solid panels between runs and a floor seal between each unit to prevent cross contamination.

The air filtration system we have installed will circulate and filter the air in the facility every 9 minutes. The odors, allergens and the spread of germs will be greatly reduced making the facility healthier for our guests.

The facility is located within 100 yards of our home so there will be someone on the premise the majority of time.

To accommodate any of our “escape artist” friends, the exercise areas are enclosed by chain link fence which is six feet tall, topped with barbed wire and concrete pavers along the base.

Also the arrangement of the building is such that each pet would have more than two doors from their primary enclosure to negotiate before they would even smell freedom.