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Our two dogs are Australian Cattledogs, a herding breed. When they stayed at Countryside Pet Retreat, I was delighted with your understanding of their needs, and giving them plenty of exercise each day. When we came to pick them up, I was charmed to see them play outdoors in the large fenced area, then dash back into the building and go right back into their shared run.

Clearly, you treated them well and they had a good experience. Everything was so clean, including my dogs, after receiving their free bonus bath! We will definitely board at Countryside again in the future!”

-Lynn, Chris, and the Busy Blues Sisters

The Countryside Pet Retreat was a vacation place for my two big dogs, a Labrador Retriever and a German Shepherd mix. They were very relaxed and happy when I went to pick them up. They were
excellently taken care of and exercised during their stay. What a relief it is to know that there is such a great place for my dogs to be, while I have to be gone from them when the need arises.

Thank you so much for making my dogs feel like they were just as comfortable there as they are at their home.

Mary, Toby and Gracie Cockrell