About Jill

Hi! My name is Jill McCallie. My husband Jay and I own and operate Countryside Pet Retreat. We are located on a 40 acre farm in Mid-Missouri between Fulton and Columbia.

After a long and rewarding career in the insurance industry, I am pursuing my dream of working with animals by designing, building and now operating Countryside Pet Retreat.

I will be the main caretaker of your pets during their stay. I have owned and loved animals all my life and within the last 10 years developed a passion for caring and working with the dogs.

I belong to Laverne, Shirley and Zeke. We are currently members of Ann Gafke’s Teacher’s Pet drill team and all three are registered therapy dogs. We have been doing therapy visits to nursing homes, hospitals, libraries and schools over the past six years.

For the last couple of years, we have been volunteering with Hospice Compassus. Our first patient we were assigned was decertified from hospice care and we still go visit her every couple of weeks. I would like to think maybe our visits had some small part in her decertification.

It is very rewarding work and I hope I will be able to continue to fit in a few therapy visits and drill team shows among all my other duties as assigned!

About Jay

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Jay, who will help run the facility part time, has several years of experience caring for horses. He is currently employed as an animal technician by the University of Missouri in the Veterinary Medicine & Surgery Department.

Our Animals

Laverne is a shepherd/husky mix. When deciding on a name for the Countryside Pet Retreat, Laverne’s vote would have been to name it “Laverne’s Jailhouse” so she could be the warden! She’s a big busybody and is the boss of everyone. I know she has husky in her because her specialty is pulling her wagon.

Shirley is a hound dog through and through. She’s smart and knows the drills but only pays attention when it suits her. She’s an excellent therapy dog, melting everyone’s heart with her big hound dog eyes.

Zeke is a chocolate lab and he’s my drill team star. He does just about everything I ask of him with no complaints. He’s just a big huggable guy!

Bart came wondering up my driveway in December of 2011 and apparently decided this would be a good place to put down roots. He has become a member of the family, and for the most part, taken over the drill team duties. He loves doing tricks and performing in all of the shows. He even enjoys pulling the wagon I made for him. My best guess is he is a beagle mix and around 6 years old.

Siren is our kitty. She’s been around for 12 years now. She should get a gold star for putting up with Laverne, Shirley and Zeke.

We also share our farm with 4 horses, 1 standard donkey, 6 miniature donkeys, and 16 cows.