Please contact us via e-mail or call to check the availability of space and to make a reservation for your pet.

The arrival day counts as a full charge.

On departure day, if picked up prior to 10:00 am there is no charge for the day.

If picked up by 2:00 pm you will only be charged for a half day.

Contact Us

Countryside Pet Retreat
Office: 573-642-8561
Cell: 573-310-9200
Fax: 1-888-607-8214


If your plans change and you must cancel your reservation, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible.


Our mission here at Countryside Pet Retreat is to provide a boarding service for your pet emphasizing safety, comfort, affordability and personal attention.

We have four sizes of runs available for our canine guests: 5’x6′, 4’x6’, 4’x5’ and 4’x4’.  Please refer to the Fee Schedule for rates.  The daily rate includes:

  • a minimum of 4 times outside per day for exercise and elimination
  • personal attention
  • administration of most medicines
  • a bath if boarding 4 nights or longer.  For shorter stays a bath may be given on request for $20.

There are NO additional fees for any of these services. We do have a reduced daily fee for additional dogs in the same family.

Cat Accommodations

For our feline friends, we have provided a room separated from the dogs for our kitty condos. Each condo is 48″ x 29″ x 24″. There are two separate areas for each condo so the litter pan can be separated from the sleeping area.

Bath & Nails

We will provide baths free of charge for our canine guests staying with us four nights or longer. Canines staying for less than four nights can receive a bath for an additional charge of $20.00. Nail trimming can be done on request for an additional charge of $10.00


As soon as your reservation is made, please fill out the Pet Care Agreement, a Pet Information Sheet for each individual pet and submit documentation from your veterinarian showing your pet is current on their vaccinations. This will help facilitate the check in process and prevent any last minute problems.

  • Vaccinations required for dogs: Rabies, DHLPP and Bordetella (kennel cough).  We will accept the Bordetella vaccination if given with last 12 months, but STRONGLY recommend it be administered every 6 months for the best protection against kennel cough.
  • Vaccinations required for cats: Rabies, Feline Distemper, Rhinotrachetis

I strongly recommend Frontline flea and tick control be applied prior to boarding. For the protection of all our guests, a pre-entry exam will be given to all pets. If a pet is found to have fleas and/or ticks we will treat the pet to remove them at the owner’s expense.

Food & Bedding

We will feed a good quality dry food twice a day. If you don’t wish to have your pet’s diet disrupted you are welcome to bring food from home.    Please store it in an airtight container with written directions on the amount to be fed each day.

We will provide PetCots for your pets but please feel free to bring bedding from home. For the protection of all our guests please wash it prior to pet’s visit.


Most medications can be administered at no charge. Please make sure it is clearly labeled with their name and dosage instructions.